Back to School Safety: Getting to School – Riding the School Bus

Although most parents would love to be able to drop their kids off and pick them up every day, work schedules usually prohibit that kind of attentive care. Thus, you will likely have to rely on a variety of methods to ensure that your children get to and from school safely. This week, we are giving a brief overview of various transportation options as well as how to stay safe in each situation.

Riding the School Bus

Remarkably, busses have not changed at all in the last fifty years. That means that the bus you rode on as a kid is likely identical to the one that will transport your child. The reason for this is that school buses are about as safe as they can be already, but that doesn’t mean that they are immune to accidents. Here are the rules every child should follow when riding the bus.

  • Always listen to the bus driver and follow instructions.
  • Never stand while the bus is in motion.
  • Only get off at a stop that you recognize. Never depart the bus if you’re not sure where you are.
  • Keep your bag and belongings close to you. If anything drops onto the floor, wait until you arrive before trying to retrieve it.

More Back to School Safety to Come

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