How to Get the Best Rate on Motorcycle Insurance

How about some other tips! If you want to get the best insurance rate for you, consider some of the major factors that will be considered.


Did you know?

Safeco Insurance Company offers motorcycle & ATV insurance.  Safeco offers discounts for belonging to rider clubs, completing a certified safety course, and having additional policies with Safeco.  Also Safeco’s claim service is fast, fair, hassle free, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Consider the Company

Name your ride, and we probably cover it!

As an independent insurance agent, Bob Johnson Insurance can offer you options from multiple companies so that you can choose the best coverage with the benefits you want.

For example, Safeco covers some categories many insurers don’t. They also offer special discounts for belonging to rider clubs, completing a certified safety course, or multiple lines of coverae. Just in case something does happen, Safeco offers hassle-free, 24-hour claims service.

Getting the best rates for your motorcycle or atv

Consider Your Ride

Your Bike: Newer, flashier bikes cost more than older, basic motorcycles.

Your Age: Just like auto insurance, rates usually decrase as you become older. Be aware though that being new to motorcycles can sometimes affect your rate category until you are more experienced.

Your Address: Living in high crime or accident areas can sometimes influence your rates.

Your Driving History: All accidents count — even auto accidents. The cleaner your driving record, the cheaper your insurance will be.

Your Job: Where you are driving to and parking your bike may influence your rate. For example, parking daily on a construction site may increase your rates.

Consider Other Factors for saving money on motorcycle insurance rates

Secure Your Bike: By keeping your bike more secure (keep it in the garage, alarm it, etc.) you may find additional discounts. We can help you find them.

Don’t Over insure: Your motorcycle is only worth market value. If something happens to it, that’s what you will receive. Overinsuring will not get you more money. We will help you choose the coverage that is right for you.

Mileage: Keeping your mileage low sometimes helps keep your rates the same way — low.

Special Motorcycle Training: Many insurance companies offer discounts when you take a special DMV or other motorcycle classes. We can help you find those discounts.

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3 Replies to “How to Get the Best Rate on Motorcycle Insurance”

  1. Thanks for the tip to keep my bike in a garage so that I may be qualified for additional discounts when it comes to motorcycle insurance. I don’t yet have any insurance on my motorcycle, which is something that I really want to change. Keeping it in my garage and doing my best to drive safe will be some measures I’ll take to help try to get a better price on insurance.

  2. Thanks for mentioning that things, like having an older bike and living in a nicer neighborhood, can help lower your motorcycle insurance rates. My husband wants to get a motorcycle and I am wondering how to go about getting a low amount of insurance for the bike he ends up getting. We will be sure to get an older model so that our coverage rates will be at a lower price.

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