Part 7: Grabbing Something Out of Reach

(Series:  10 Dangerous Practices to Avoid While Driving)

You are driving down the road and your stomach grumbles.  “I’ve got a granola bar in my backpack in the back seat.”  You reach back to a pack that is just barely at the tip of your fingers.  If you just turn and reach back a little farther…

That’s bad news.  Several things are happening.

  • Your mind is distracted from driving and what is happening on the road.
  • Turning your body to reach something in the back seat often causes a driver to slightly turn the wheel and drift into another lane.
  • Looking down to get something on the floor takes your eyes away from the road.

The farther out of reach something is, and the more that a person strains to reach it, the greater the risk of a crash.

Choose to drive safely.  Be patient.  Wait until it is safe to pull off the road to retrieve your items.

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