If you're like most people, then your home is the biggest investment you'll ever have. It's important to protect that investment properly. If you wait until you need homeowner's insurance, it's too late. Updating your Knoxville, Tennessee home insurance is as simple as scheduling an Insurance Review to make sure you have the proper coverage

Why Do I Need Home Insurance?

As a Tennessee homeowner, you are responsible for everything that happens to your property. That means that no matter who’s at fault, you have to cover the costs of any damage that occurs in your house or on your property. You are also responsible to cover any liabilities. 

You never know what could happen - a pipe could burst, a tree branch could fall through your roof, or you could accidentally destroy something when you do some simple renovations. When that happens, who will you call? Without the right Tennessee home insurance policy, you will have to pay out of pocket. As a homeowner, that’s like a second disaster waiting to happen.

Bob Johnson Insurance - Customize Your Quote

Many people think that they just need to cover what their Tennessee home is worth.  However, when we review your home insurance needs, we'll evaluate a number of factors. For example:

  • What would it cost to replace your home in the event of a total loss?
  • Is your personal property inside the home properly protected?
  • Are all your liability exposures addressed?

Whether you’re a homeowner in Knoxville, Tennessee or the surrounding area, it’s critical that you get an insurance policy that reflects your particular needs. Too often, homeowners will settle for a Tennessee home insurance quote that may or may not protect what’s most important to them.  Don't settle for a "cookie-cutter" insurance policy when you're looking to protect what you've worked so hard to earn -- your unique, one of a kind home.

Are You Properly Covered - Contact Us to Find Out

At Bob Johnson Insurance, we understand what is needed for proper coverage. We build our quotes from scratch based on your individual needs as a Tennessee homeowner. We can’t predict the future, but we know that home insurance is always a safe bet.

We are happy to provide a free Tennessee home insurance quote or help you with an insurance review whether you are a BJI customer or not.  Use the buttons below to contact us. You'll be glad you did.