How to Do Your Annual Insurance Review

Ben Johnson of Bob Johnson Insurance in TN

Doing an annual review of your policies could be as simple as sitting down with your agent and going over your policies. However, a little preparation can go a long way.  It’s always a good idea to do a review on your own time so that you can manage your coverage and come up with a list of questions to ask during your one-on-one with an agent.

Here is a step-by-step guide of what to do to review all of your insurance policies.

Step One: Organize Your Policies

Even if you have all of your insurance from a single provider, it’s necessary to compile each policy in a separate category. The critical items to pay attention to are:

  • Policy Number
  • Date Issued
  • Premium Payments
  • Who is Covered
  • Beneficiaries (if Applicable)
  • Policy Type

We recommend that you create a summary of each policy so that you can have it for easy reference.

Step Two: Read Through Your Policies

Although you will do an in-depth review with your agent, it’s best to get an understanding of what to expect so that your interaction is more streamlined. If your agent has to explain everything to you from scratch, the whole process will take a lot longer.

When reading through each policy, mark any areas where you have questions. Use colored sticky notes (instead of a highlighting pen) so that you can stay organized during your meeting.

Step Three: Make Copies

It never hurts to have extra copies of your policies. One should be on file, and another is what you’re going to take with you. Having a duplicate means that you can make notes and write on the margins without affecting anything.

Step Four: Arrange a Meeting With Your Agent

Once you have a summary sheet and a list of questions regarding your policies, then it’s time to make an appointment. To help you stay organized during the meeting, you should write all of your queries down in a list.


Let BJI Help

If you are a BJI customer, give us a call or fill out our contact form to schedule a review of your policies. It doesn’t take long and can help you have the peace of mind knowing that your coverage is sufficient, and it might even save you a little money.

If you are not a BJI customer, we can help you as well.  Because we are an independent agency, we can compare your current policies with the rates of multiple insurance companies so that you get the best rate for the coverage that you want.  Give us a call or fill out our contact form to schedule a review of your policies.


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