Five Mistakes That Get Your Car Stolen

Your car is one of the most valuable things you own. The value not only comes from the money you put into it, but it refers to the fact that you need it all the time to get around. Thus, having your vehicle stolen can be a significant problem. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes that allow their cars to fall into the wrong hands – don’t be one of them. 

Here are some common slip-ups that you may be making without realizing it. Change these behaviors, and you can decrease the risk of theft. 

Leaving Your Car Running

Whether you like to warm up your vehicle before you start driving (which is almost always unnecessary), or you decide to pop in somewhere without turning it off, this makes your car a prime target for thieves. Most of the work is done for them, so you’re essentially creating a golden opportunity. 

Keeping Spare Keys In the Car

On paper, this sounds like a good idea. If you ever need to let someone else drive (i.e., a valet or a friend), it’s better to give them a spare than to use your copy. However, if a thief gets into your vehicle, nothing is stopping him or her from driving off. Without a key, it may be too complicated to get the motor running, but a spare can turn a simple break-in to grand theft auto. 

Having Valuables Inside

Chances are that you’re not keeping gold bars in the back seat, but plenty of other valuables can cause problems. For example, having a laptop or other electronics in plain view may be tempting for thieves as well as smaller devices like cell phones or tablets. Be sure to keep all of these out of sight (i.e., in the trunk) or take them with you. 

Leaving a Window Open

Yes, it can help your car stay cool when the weather’s hot, but it also allows carjackers access to the inside. Even a small crack is more than enough to open the door, which simply makes it easier for them to get in. 

Assuming It’s a Safe Neighborhood

No matter where you live, your car can get stolen. All it takes is an opportunity too rich to pass up, and someone can make off with your vehicle. Complacency is going to cost you in the long run, so be sure to always keep your car safe and sound. 

Don’t become a statistic. Be smart and protect your vehicle. Avoid these mistakes, and you’ll be in a much better position. Contact us today to get the coverage you need, including theft protection, just in case. 

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