Insurance Tips Every College Student Should Know — Tip #1: Personal Property

In these two weeks, we are discussing insurance tips that every college student should know.  Our first tip deals with personal property. Know what you have AND that your insurance will cover your student’s possessions.

Know What You Have:  Make a List

Keep a list of all of the items the student is taking with them to school to make sure you have enough coverage for everything. It’s also helpful to have photos and receipts if possible.

Make Sure Your Coverage is Adequate

Personal Property Coverage.

Personal property can add up quickly. The student may be taking gaming consoles, expensive clothing or jewelry, laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, MP3 players and other things that have high value and could be easily stolen. Depending on the item, it may need special coverage due to its higher value.

Most policies provide ten percent of personal property coverage for property owned that is kept at a residence other than the insured’s. What this means is that if the parent has $100,000 worth of personal property coverage, it will cover up to $10,000 worth of coverage for the student’s property while living in a dorm.

Liability Coverage

Life happens.  Sometimes events are within our control and sometimes they are not.  Although most homeowners insurance policies cover personal property, they do not usually cover damage to property rented.  In the majority of cases, any damage to a dorm room or an apartment wouldn’t be covered.

Renters Insurance.

If the college student is living off-campus in a rented home, the policy of the parents may not provide coverage for the student’s property. This is where renters insurance comes in. In most cases, the landlord’s policies usually only cover the structure itself and not the possessions of the renters.

Personal Property Questions for Your Insurance Review

  1. How much personal property coverage is available for my student who is away at college? Is it adequate?
  2. Does my student have liability coverage in case there is damage to the dorm or the residence (apartment, house, condo, etc.) where they are staying? If so, how much coverage and is it adequate?  If not, how much do they need?
  3. My student will be living in a [dorm, house, apartment, etc.]. Does my student need renter’s insurance?  If so, how much?

How Long Will It Take to Get Answers to My Insurance Questions?

You should be able to get most (if not all) of your information with a phone call or two.  At Bob Johnson Insurance, we are always ready to provide the answers to your questions.  Give us a call at 865-922-3111 or click here to contact us.

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