Playground Safety Tips

Kids love playing outside, so they will be headed that way now that it is beginning to get warmer. They love playing at playgrounds even more. Parents cannot always be sure that playgrounds are the safest environments for their children. Too often, there are reports of children falling off of equipment and getting hurt. The answer is not to make kids stay away from playgrounds. Instead, parents need to teach kids about playground safety so they have the skills that are needed to remain safe. Here are some great playground safety tips to share with your kids today. 

Never Play Unsupervised 

Although it can sometimes seem like a pain in the neck to take the kids to the playground, it is really a great playground safety tip and  the best defense against them being hurt. Plus, if an accident does happen, you are there to help out or call 911. Besides, kids love it when their parents watch the cool things they can do on the playground equipment. 

Check for Potential Hazards 

When you are at the playground with your kids, take a quick look around to check for potential hazards. Make sure your kids stay away from items that can hurt them like broken glass or rusted equipment.

Teach Your Kids To Play Nicely 

There will often be other kids your children do not know at the playground. Teach your children to always play nicely and include everyone in their games. Pushing and shoving can start out innocently but can result in someone getting hurt. 

Dress Appropriately

Sometimes something as simple as clothing choice can make or break a fun trip to the playground. Necklaces, purse straps, scarves and drawstrings are but a few innocent-looking items that can create a hazard at the playground. A great playground safety tip to teach your children is to avoid wearing anything that can get caught on the equipment and cause them to get hurt. 

Choose Age-Appropriate Play Areas for Your Kids 

Most playgrounds have separate play areas for big and little kids. Small children can easily get hurt if they are playing on equipment that is meant for older kids. Also, if your kids are among the older set, make sure they stay where they belong so they do not inadvertently spoil the fun time the little ones are having. 

Only Play Where There are Safe Surfaces Underneath the Equipment 

These days, most playgrounds come complete with impact-absorbing materials like sand, pea gravel or shredded rubber under the equipment. These materials help to make sure kids stay safe and uninjured when they fall. Avoid playgrounds that still have asphalt, concrete, grass or dirt under the equipment. These materials do not absorb impact which can cause injuries when kids fall onto them. 

Insurance Coverage for Playground Accidents? 

Since accidents can happen pretty easily on a playground, many parents wonder about insurance coverage for playground accidents. Chances are, if your child is injured on a playground, the insurance of whomever owns or runs the playground would cover your child’s injuries if he or she were to be found negligent. 

If your child gets injured on the school playground when school is in session, the institution can be held responsible, particularly if there was negligence on the part of the staff. In cases like this, the school’s insurance company will likely have to pay for any medical attention your child needs. 

There are steps parents can take to make extra sure their children are covered in the event of a playground accident. Having adequate insurance coverage for playground accidents is the best course of action to make sure you are financially safe if your child is hurt on a playground.

Be sure to check with your insurance agent to make sure your coverage is adequate. Here are some types of insurance you might inquire about.

Health insurance 

Chances are you have health insurance either through your employer or one you bought independently. If your child gets hurt, a health insurance policy can be a lifesaver when the medical bills come in. 

Homeowner’s insurance

Sometimes your health insurance is not enough, and you need additional coverage. This is where homeowner’s insurance comes in. Some policies cover accidents that happen away from the home. 

Umbrella policies

Another great option is to get an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy is a separate policy you can buy that covers incidents that occur that are outside the realm of other policies such as homeowners insurance. 

Bob Johnson Insurance is here to help in these cases.  As an independent agency, we are able to offer a choice of carriers and options, plus personalized advice to help make sense of it all. And, we make it easy by doing the research and the work for you.  Click here to contact us today or call us at 865-922-3111  with your insurance questions and/or needs.

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