Prepping for Spring Fun: Recreational Vehicles

With spring time approaching now’s the time to start thinking about getting ready for fun outdoors and traveling.  When it comes to recreational vehicles, here is a quick rundown of some of the most important things to remember follows:

Check the tires to make sure they are still good.

The winter break can leave them low on air, or if the tread level wasn’t checked before winterizing then it is a good time to be sure they are roadworthy. Along with the tires on the axles, be sure to check on the spare as well, as getting a flat and having a bad spare is a nightmare all of its own.

Do a maintenance check on the gas lines and appliances.

Gas is one of the most volatile parts of an RV, because any issues with the gas line or appliances could be explosive. Rather than risk taking your RV out on the road with a gas leak, make sure to check all of the lines and appliances before hitting the road.

Test your batteries.

Batteries aren’t known for their ability to hold a charge when they’re not in use, so testing the RV batteries where they can be charged if necessary is a critical checklist item. Along with recharging, some batteries need replacement water added as well. Check the water levels of any batteries that need it, and remember to replace the water after charging is complete.

Flush, clean and replace water throughout the water system.

If water has been sitting for awhile, or if an antifreeze was added to make sure the lines didn’t freeze in the cold months, then flushing out the water system is a good idea. Make sure that any drinking water is clean and safe to use, and top up the potable water tanks before taking off on your first trip.

Make sure all your registration paperwork, license plates and insurance is up to date.

The last thing you want to do is hit the road only to find out that your tags are expired or worse, that the insurance has lapsed. Being pulled over by the police for those items is not fun and can be very costly. Check out the registration and give your insurance agent a call to make sure everything is good to go so you can hit the road.

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Prepping for Spring SeriesPrepping for Spring Series

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