Prepping for Spring: Getting ATV’s and Offroad Vehicles Ready For Adventure

Tips to Ensure Your ATV is Properly Insured

Taking the time to get your offroad toys ready for summer can help them last longer, and be safer while you’re out playing.

Inspect the Fuel Lines

Anything with an engine that has been stored over the winter should always have the fuel system fully inspected before use. Along with checking the lines for damage and wear, the fuel itself likely needs to be replaced. Make sure fuel line fittings are tight, check for hose cracks or brittleness and make sure any fuel filters are replaced and ready to go. If the gasoline was left sitting all winter without treatment, then it’s best to empty and clean out the tank thoroughly before refueling.

Check the Fluids

Make sure fluid levels are all topped off and ready to go. This includes radiator fluid, oil and brake fluids. If anything is surprisingly low, check for leaks and other issues that may have led to the drop. It might also be a good time to change the oil and oil filter if you can’t remember how much time has been spent operating on the oil from last year.

Check the Battery

Be sure the battery is charged up and ready to go. Being out in the field or on the track with a low battery can mean that you won’t be starting up your ride while you’re out there. Batteries typically lose about 10 percent of their charge per month while in storage.

Examine the Tires

Remember to check on the tires and make sure the air pressure is where it should be for the season. Having too little air pressure after winterizing a bike or atv is a common issue, but it only takes a moment to handle it.

One Last Thing

One last thing to note is that many insurance companies offer atv, motorcycle, utv and other offroad vehicle coverage. These vehicles aren’t cheap, and if anything happens to them it can be frustrating and even more expensive to fix. Give Bob Johnson Insurance a call (865-922-3111 or Toll Free 865-624-3339) or click here to learn what we offer in protection before hitting the trails.

Prepping for Spring SeriesPrepping for Spring Series