Tips for Staying Safe in the Water

Swimming and spending time in or on the water is something most of us look forward to in the summer.  It helps us stay cool, gives us a reason to get a tan and is lots of fun!  There are a few things to consider while swimming in order to keep the merriment going.

Do not Swim Alone

It is important to have someone or a lifeguard nearby.  Do not assume one is there. If you are not sure ask, because your life could depend on it.

Stay in Communication

Have a phone nearby.  If something happens that requires professional help (such as medical attention), you will be able to call for help at a time when speed is of utmost importance.

Pay Attention at the Pool

Although toys are fun, they are not always safe at the pool.  They can get in the way and may cause an accident.  Keep electrical appliances away from the pool to avoid shock and/or electrocution.  It’s also best to walk, not run, to avoid slipping and falling on the pool’s wet surfaces.

Know CPR

With swimming comes the chance of someone drowning.  Knowing CPR could save the person’s life.  When CPR is needed, the sooner it is started, the better the chances.

Be Prepared

If a person is an unsure or weak swimmer, wear a life jacket. Take swimming lessons and learn the basic and advanced skills.  Not only will you be able to swim, but you may also develop the ability to help someone who cannot.

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