Back to School Safety: Getting to School – Walking to School

This week, we are giving a brief overview of various transportation options as well as how to stay safe in each situation.

Walking to School

If biking is not a viable option but you still live close, then you may allow your kids to walk to school. If that is the case, then follow these tips to ensure proper safety.

  • Walk with other kids. Try to never walk by yourself if possible.
  • Stick to open areas that have high visibility.
  • Always follow proper traffic safety when crossing the street.
  • Never stop to interact with anyone you don’t know.
  • Don’t walk after dark.
  • Only walk pre-approved routes. Don’t deviate.
  • If you get lost, retrace your steps until you can find your way.
  • Keep a phone handy in case you have to call someone.

More Back to School Safety to Come

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